South African Journal of Occupational Therapy

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The South African Journal of Occupational Therapy (SAJOT) is the official Journal of the Occupational therapy Association of South Africa and is a leading publication for research into occupational therapy in Africa. SAJOT publishes and disseminates research articles that contribute to the scientific knowledge of the profession and its outcomes with particular reference to service delivery in Africa. It provides a platform for debate about issues relevant to OT in Africa which will also contribute to the development of the profession worldwide.

Authors wishing to publish in SAJOT should access the information about publishing in SAJOT by clicking on the tab “A guide to submitting an article” in the above header and reading the Author Guidelines. Before submitting an article, a user name and password must be obtained from the editor. Send the title page of the article to and a password will be issued to you. Follow the submission steps once you have logged on with this user name and password.

The team managing the articles consists of the following members:

Blanche Pretorius - Editor in Cheif

Marjorie Concha - Assistant Editor

Dain Van der Reyden - Assistant Editor

Tharina Coetzee - Assistant Editor


The articles published in the following editions of SAJOT can be found in pdf format by clicking on the Archives section and clicking on the relevant journal volume:

Vol 40, No 3, 2010; Vol 41, Nos 1 - 3, 2011;  Vol 42, Nos 1-3, 2012; Vol 43. Nos 1-3, 2013; Vol 44  Nos 1-3 2014; Vol 45 Nos 1-3 2015; Vol 46 No 1, 2016.

The most recent edition ie Vol 46 No 2 2016 is to be found below.


Vol 46, No 2 (2016): South African Journal of Occupational Therapy

Table of Contents

Editorial Comment

Editorial Comment
Marjorie Concha


Lee-Anne Chazen, Denise Franzsen
Judy Cawood, Dr Surona Visagie, Dr Gubela Mji
10 - 15
Elize Janse van Rensburg, Rialda Hattingh, Cornel van Rooyen, Monique Chelin, Tarina Buitendag, Maureen Taylor, Putter Lucinda, Janine Harholdt, Carina van der Merwe, Jacqueline van Druten
16 - 22
Kerry Wallace, Denise Franzsen, Joanne Potterton
23 - 30
Pragashnie Govender, Carol Barlow, Sameera Ballim
31 - 36
Liesl Peters, Roshan Galvaan, Harsha Kathard
Suzanne Stark, Theresa Lorenzo, Susan Landman
44 - 51
Marieta Visser, Mariette Nel, Amor Joubert, Sharné Jacobs, Bianca Smith, Martli Muller, Carla du Plessis, Tania van Heerden, Renette van Soest
52 - 58
Aziza Kalam, Beth Francke, Ayesha Jainodien, Jadine Petersen, Thembalazi Silo, Robyn Turnbull
59 - 64
Marieta Visser, Mariette Nel, Tanya la Cock, Netske Labuschagne, Wihanli Lindeque, Annelize Malan, Carli Viljoen
65 - 72